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Tips For Traveling Space-A

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1. Plan your trip, be flexible, be patient. As a rule of thumb, military ports offer more travel opportunities than commercial gateways (i.e., travel chances are better to Europe from Dover AFB DE than Philadelphia IAP PA).

2. If possible, travel at off-peak Space A travel periods (i.e., peak periods are the summer months after school is dismissed and Christmas holiday season). Historically, Feb-Mar and Oct-Nov are low travel periods.

3. Be as flexible as possible in choosing a destination. If you want to get to Ramstein AB, Germany, consider a flight into Rhein-Main, Germany, or even RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom, as an alternative. At Mildenhall, try for another flight bound for Germany.

4. When traveling Space A with young children, prepare for possible delays along the way where baby supplies may not be readily available. A good supply of games and books is also recommended. Be aware that a baby's ears, like an adults, are sensitive to altitude pressure changes.

5. Space A is just that—space that is available after all mission requirements are fulfilled. Military aircraft are subject at all times, first and foremost, to DoD mission response.

6. Flights are now operational between Lambert-St. Louis and Dallas-Fort Worth, and for travel between the Midwest (Lambert-St Louis International Airport (IAP)) and the West Coast, AMC has flights Sunday and Wednesday to Los Angeles International Airport. The flights return from Los Angeles on Monday and Thursday. Be sure to call St Louis in advance to ensure missions are operating. Normally, there are 50-100 seats available each way.



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