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Serviceman's Group Life Insurance (SGLI)

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The Serviceman's Group Life Insurance, better known as SGLI, is group term life insurance currently available to all members of the U.S. Army. SGLI is a group life insurance policy purchased by the VA from a commercial life insurance company, and is partially subsidized by the federal government.

Servicemembers on active duty, active duty for training or inactive duty for training and members of the Reserves are automatically covered for $400,000, the maximum amount of coverage, unless they opt out in writing. A soldier can elect lower coverage or no coverage by completing VA Form SGLV-8286. Basic SGLI premiums are currently $.065 per $1,000 of insurance, regardless of the member's age. View rates for different coverage amounts.

Each member should complete a copy of form SGLV-8286, Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate to designate one or more beneficiaries to receive payment of the insurance proceeds. A copy of this form also serves as a certificate of coverage.

Insurability is guaranteed when first given the opportunity to elect SGLI. After that, soldiers who want to increase their coverage may be subject to insurability determinations.

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The insurance issued under the group policy is term insurance. SGLI does not pay dividends. In addition, there are no loan, cash, paid-up or extended insurance values, or any provision for waiver of premiums or benefit because of total disability, accidents, etc.

Visit the SGLI FAQ page for more information.

The Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Family Coverage went into effect on November 1, 2001. Family coverage is available for the spouses and children of:

  • Active Duty servicemembers
  • Members of the Ready Reserve

Family coverage is available only for members insured under the SGLI Program. It is not available for those insured under the VGLI program. View current rates for different age and coverage amounts.

The SGLI program is administered by the Office of Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (OSGLI). The office can by contacted by:

Toll-free telephone: 1-800-419-1473

Toll-free fax:
Death and accelerated benefits claims only: 1-877-832-4943
All other inquiries: 1-800-236-6142

Regular Mail:
Office of Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance
290 West Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Livingston, New Jersey 07039

Visit the VA website for more information on this benefit.

Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)

If you leave the Armed Services and go to work as a civilian employee of the Federal Government you could then be eligible for the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI). If you have any questions about eligibility, see your human resources officer.

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