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Old 02-16-2009, 08:58 PM
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Talking getting closer but have more questions

hello everyone, well im enrolled in online courses staring mar 2, they end at the end of april. im reading around the forum and i still see others telling others to get their g.e.d. i have mine and a 52 on my asvab. recruiters here still say i need to get 12 credits. i just want to know is it because i need a waiver for some felony drinking charges 9 yrs ago or what. i want to know if i get these credits are they going to ask for anything else. i just need some good answers cause im going to get the credits to give me 15 total. i need a waiver jus really want to know once i get the credit am i still gonna have a hard time pls can someone help me wit some kinda of info. i can produce ref from ranking active army and anything else. i accutally work wit the guard and reserve units that come through ft sill. working with them is what makes me want to join so bad and that other family members are in. thank you and hooah.
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Old 02-21-2009, 12:43 AM
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From my prior experience with the Navy, get all the credits you can!

They will help solidify your education back ground and provide a firmer foundation for things you will learn in whatever MOS you will be trained for. Also you can become eligible for higher pay grades up front. I believe the maximum would be E-3 (for some wierd reason they dont want people to be NCOs in Basic Training ).

I was able to go in as E2 due to my college credits, which means higher pay. Even though you are classified as E1 through boot camp, you should get the E2 pay check (assuming the Army works the same way as the Navy in that regard).
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Old 02-21-2009, 05:55 AM
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Everyone is treated as a PVT in BCT. Most times your actual rank is worn,

You're able to enter the Army as an E-2 if you complete the Future Soldiers Program or with X amount of college, PFC E-3 if you get two others to sign up or X amount of college, & SPC E-4 with a Bachelors Degree. The Civilian Aquired Skills program works differently. I believe the maximum entry rank is SPC E-4, though. All that I knew that entered as CAS came in as E-4.

You might have to get a waiver for your felony charge. I'm not sure how much time has to elapse from the time of the conviction. The more time the better. It's your Recruiter's job to determine if a waiver is required & to start the request for it.

If you have a GED & 15 college credits the Army treats you just like a H.S. graduate. You evidently are being credited with 3 credits already.

Did the Recruiter say it was a condition of enlisting to have those 12 credits? I was of the understsanding that a GED & an ASVAB score of 50 OR a H.S. diploma & a score of 31 got you in the Army. Maybe it has something to do with the MOS you want ????

I wish I could have gotten to you before you saw a Recruiter.
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