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Old 02-02-2009, 12:50 AM
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Default Any moms w/sons at Ft.Jackson?

Hi I'm new to this forum. My son left for Basic on Jan. 6th. so that makes 4 weeks into basic this Tuesday and it seems like 4 months on my end of things Or maybe it's just bad today because we didn't get a phone call? We have heard from him for the last 3 Sundays but not today and I sooooo count on that phone call. I spent the evening going from being sad to worried lol. Anyone else going thru this?

So far his one letter and calls have been upbeat about everything but the weather. It's been pretty cold there, much different from Texas. Seems someone stole his beanie the first week so his head is cold all the time (grin). But the last call he sounded very, very, tired and maybe a bit homesick? I expected that to happen at some point but it was hard to hear.

I'd love some input here though . . . in many places on the army site, the Ft.Jackson website, where it talks about Basic Training and what they go thru, it says . . . "we encourage the family to send letters and photos" . . . BUT . . . his drill srgt told everyone they would be doing 50 pushups and situps for every letter or package they received! Long story short . . . my son had asked that I send him his cell phone because the phones they use there have awful connections. I verified with his recruiter that this was ok to send. Last call he said he had signed for the package 3 days priror and was still doing pushups and situps every day because of the package! Sooooooo now even though I'd love to send him a letter with a funny photo .......... I am extremely hesitant to do so!!! I mean why on earth would I want to be the cause of him having to do more situps and pushups????

Has anyone else been thru this? Am I the only one not sending anything for fear I will cause him trouble? LOL.

Anyway . . . we are very proud of him and his choice to join the army but just having a hard time adjusting to not being able to talk with him and knowing how or if we can communicate with him on any level.

Thanks in advance to anyone who cares to reply.

Down in the dumps mom
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