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Old 05-25-2009, 11:30 AM
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Default A soldier and his family owe us money.

My husband has been stationed at Fort Bliss resently and I decided to go back to work. We have a ten month old daughter. We wanted cheap part time day care so we went with a PVC family who lived on base thinking we could trust them, (they let it known the PVC, the dad, would be as much of a part of it as she was). Anyway, they asked us for a $55.00 depsoit before we started, which we gave them. They dured out to be very unrelyable and a lied to us(she called me two hours before I was supposed to drop my girl off saying her mom was in the hospital and she had to rush home eight hours away. She called the next day after five saying that it really wasnt her mom but her cousin and she just miss heard.....ok....I also picked my girl up and she had a huge bump on her head they didnt know where it came from, my girl would have been screaming with a bump like that).
So the thing is they wont give the $55.00 back to us. It has been over two months. At first they said their son was in the hospital....with RSVP and had a 50/50 chance. Frist of all it is called RSV. It can be dangorus however it is fairly common. The child has to be in the hospital for eight days but like I said it has been two months. She now has other kids at her daycare and she is telling parents she has been certified through base which I know for a fact is not true. She wont answer my phone calls or emails. I havent been harrsssing her or anything but I have called a few times and no response.
Does anyone know if I can take legal action against them? I know it is little money but I feel mad and miss lead. I want to atleast call the Army Child Services and tell them she is claming she has been through them...any thoughts would be helpful.
Sorry so long.
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