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Old 03-29-2009, 01:34 PM
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Default In regards to the "Volunteering option" promise.

(before the question let me explain how this situation arose.)
I recently enlisted in the Army as 11x, but my initial contract was an option 40 11x/airborne/ranger. Upon sitting down with my MEPS counselor they informed me that I needed all my prior tickets (parking tickets even) to be listed in order to put in for the security clearance which the option 40 requires. I told them that tracking down every damn parking ticket I ever had would be tedious and take quite some time. The meps counselor told me I should just settle for option 4 (airborne infantry) citing that it doesnt require a clearance and that I would be able to volunteer for RIP after jump school. One problem, when he went to look there were no option 4 slots available. Again he assured me that If i simply went 11x I would have the option to volunteer for airborne and then RIP, "people volunteering is very common" he said. Having just spent two 16 hour days at MEPS (another long story) I was exhausted and stupidly signed as 11x with the intention of volunteering my way to Ranger. I soon saw the error of my ways. People have been telling me nonstop now that volunteering is not so easy as they make it sound...

So my question is this. How much truth is there to the whole Volunteering thing. Is it really that easy to simply volunteer for those schools, They sure make it sound that way, and If not what are my other options to get there...

I ship to fort benning april 15th so Im hoping if there are any options they are quick ones....Thanks for the help.
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Old 03-29-2009, 05:49 PM
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Say Hello to 11X. Your going to be an unassigned Infantryman. What it boils down to is, unless you have it in writing, there is no guarantee you will go to either school.
When you get to your first unit, you can submit a 4187 and request to go to either school. The problems are, 1. There will be others there before you wanting to go. 2. If the unit doesn't have the funding, you won't go. 3. The need to send people to these schools needs to be mission critical.
Were I you, I would go back to your recruiter and tell him you want those things in your contract. Tell him your not going to ship with out this. Don't back down. It will take a little work on your end, but aren't you worth it? You can get a copy of your driving transcript from your states DMV.
"Leave the Artillerymen alone, they are an obstinate lot. . ."
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Old 03-29-2009, 07:27 PM
Viz700 Viz700 is offline
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Ill certainly do that then. I appreciate the info. One more question. Having already signed and sworn in my initial time, can I actually say I wont ship and have some backing to that statement? Can they prosecute me or take any action that would be detrimental to me if I were to do so? Just want to cover my bases because Im sure they will come back at me with some arguments.
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