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Old 05-05-2009, 06:38 PM
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Default Looking for answers

Hello there,

I am here to find out the answers I cannot get from recruiters. I am looking for anyone who has been in the Rangers and or SF.

I have been, since a kid, wanting to serve in the military. I had enlisted in the USCG at 18 years old in 1990. Per advice of parents and relatives when really my heart was set on the Army. Listening to those individuals I enlisted in the USCG and immediately realized I was not where I was meant to be, however whatever powers may be, I was hit with a kidney infection which required the US Public Health Service to do a Medical Board. I was given a diagnosis, an honorable discharge and an RE-3P reenlist code. I have researched all of this and realize what I have to do to re-up. My condition has not returned since 1990. In fact I am fitter than I was at 19 years old.

Moving on after discharge, I entered the construction and engineering world, knowing that wasn't where I was supposed to be. After 8 years of that I headed west to California, where I started to see where I was at in my life. I got to know a Reserve Special Operations Captain who gave me insight and said that I would be perfect for that type of job and told him of my passion to serve. He would even offer recommendation for to try out for SF.

After learning a lot about myself and gaining valuable life experience and keeping myself in top form, it now brings me to this time in my life. I am 37 years old, never been married, no children, no debt, no tie downs. I am holding a job but I am not getting the satisfaction of what I know my genetic make-up is built for. I have nothing holding me back. Not married, no kids, a job I can drop in a heartbeat, no debt, no mortgage, no car payment, high school graduate, clean bill of health.

I am immensely drawn to the duties performed by the Rangers and SF/Delta operators. Not to mention I am owing my country my duty and honor. I cannot really see myself getting job satisfaction from anything that I am not being challenged at. I need a job that is physically and mentally challenging, that requires thinking outside of the box, where I am serving my fellow man and country. I am 37 years old, in top form. A regular weight training, cardio, yoga and flexibility regiment. I am drug free. Have not had any kidney issues, I can have a certified doctors letter to prove this.

My question here today is what requirements will I need to get an Option 40 contract. I would want to start with Rangers first then move on the Special Forces. I don't feel that age is a factor in this. I am in better shape than most fit 18-19 year olds today. I don't even look a day over 30. I feel I got life experience that can help out in the Special Operations community. I am in the process of learning Arabic and Spanish with Rosetta Stone. Why not? It will be valuable one day.

If there are any current and veteran, seasoned SF, Delta or Rangers that can help, than I would really appreciate your insight in providing me with your knowledge that I can use when I go to my recruiting station.

Thank you very much. It's good to get my boots on the ground here.


Los Angeles, CA
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