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Old 03-15-2009, 03:04 PM
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Default In Need Of Advice

I am a 17 year old Future Soldier, enlisted in the Army Reserve. I desperately need some advice regarding my problem:

I withheld information on my medical questionnaire(I lied...) at MEPS, specifically regarding two main problems:
-had to use an inhaler before exercise for a few months after a respiratory infection about 3 years ago; I no longer need it.
-Had ADHD as a kid and took medicine; I no longer have problems.

I felt extremely guilty about doing this, and do not want to be prosecuted for fraudulent entry. I e-mailed my recruiter a few weeks ago, telling him what I had done, and he had me come to the recruiting station and talk to the station commander. I informed the commander of what I had lied about, and he said I would be fine, that I could bring my medical records to him to put in my file only if I wanted to. He also said that the Army would need a court subpoena to get into my medical records, and that "they only know what you tell them." He said I would be fine, and not to worry about it.

I need to know, is he telling the truth, and also, should I get my medical records placed in my"file"?

If you have any advice or info, please respond to this post or email me at [email][/email]. thanks
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Old 03-16-2009, 12:34 AM
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Honestly, it's a shame you lied and sadly it may come back and bite you. If it does, you will have to deal with the consequences.
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Old 03-17-2009, 10:56 PM
flyboyx flyboyx is offline
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it only becomes an issue if it causes a problem. my civvie medical records didnt mean **** when i went in and still dont, minor things, dont bother. but if you pass out on a pt test and later say, oh yea, i had this and that, it CAN become an issue, sometimes it doesnt, i've seen it get over looked as a latent diagnosis of asthma. so dont worry.
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