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Old 05-23-2009, 05:36 AM
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Great advice given, Amanda. Nothing to add & I'm the PT guru on the site.

I do have a few tips.

Start doing a lot of walking then run awhile & then walk some more. Try that for 3 miles. Run when you can, walk if you must. The Army standard for the run is 2 miles so at least acclimate yourself for the distance. Speed will come gradually.

When you're watching TV & a commercial comes on start doing push-ups. When the next as comes on start doing sit-ups. You'll quickly learn to hate commercials as much as I do!

Your goal should be to at the very least be able to pass the APFT with a score of 50% which is required to pass BCT. After being assigned to a unit (and I think during AIT) you'll need to have a score of 60%. Ideally you should enter the Army with a score of 70%. It makes BCT a whole lot easier.

STAY AWAY FROM FRIED FOOD!!! That of course includes snacks that are deep fried like chips. Some fat is needed in your diet so don't totally eliminate that. Possibly get that via some good broiled or grilled beef. I'm not a believer in vegans. The Lord put animals on this earth for man to eat. As with any thing that goes in your mouth it's moderation that counts.Eat as much as you have to but not one bite more. If you have to see a nutritionist to set you on the right track then so be it. Try Google for any nutrition tips but beware of the fact that there's no way of checking the credentials of those giving advice.

Although I'm not a strong believer in supplements I would take a multivitamin if you're changing your diet. It's all well & good to say you're only going to eat salads but where then is the balance in your vitamin intake? It's better to be on the safe side. I've known dieters that would catch every cold or flu that was around. Their immune system was evidently stressed due to a vitamin deficiency.

Green tea is good. As a matter of fact I'm a green tea junky & probably go through a gallon in 2 or 3 days.

Good luck, gal. Get yourself lean & mean & an awesome fightin' machine & get your butt in the Army!
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Old 05-23-2009, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by aSap89 View Post
Carbs is probably my problem. But, yesterday was the 1st time i jogged in like YEARS. I felt like the fat kid in gym class i was about 50 feet behind everyone, and they had me start in the front too. I was like oh boy. My fingers got sooo fat (idk why) i could not even bend my fingers. I had the worst cotton mouth, and I wasnt even sweating. I was just thinking what did I get myself into? My recruiter told me that the army would pay for a breast reduction, and I got sooo happy lol. That's a part of my problem. I been on this diet for a week eating five small meals. Breakfast- a breakfast bar, in between a yogurt of fruit, lunch a steamed veggie, and maybe a turkey burger baked, in between MORE fruit, dinner maybe some baked chicken with more veggies...It's been working pretty well, and the only problem I have with that is not eating at night. 2 hours before I work out I take vitamin b-12, and a bananna. I don't notice anything with the b-12 but it probably works. Anyways, thanks a lot for your advice, and I find it quite helpful!

I would leave the jogging then...just for now...try a brisk walk everyday until your fitness levels increase gradually increase the distance of your me... little by little you will get there..its not going to happen overnight.It will be worth it once you get there and remember... the things in life that are worth having dont come easy.I would hold back on the breast reduction op...your bust might decrease as your weight comes down anyway.Multivits are great and you will notice a difference but it might take some time...another point is....if you eat the right foods.. vegetables and fruits... you will have the vitamins you need anyway.

Dont forget the proteins(Fish steak and chicken)

Good luck and keep the forums posted
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