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Originally Posted by Fireball View Post
Oh girl. I've seen better days... although i am trying to get back onto a decent schedule. Something I can keep up when I get back to normal life.

J's 1st Sgt. wants a detailed itinerary for when he gets home. I said "are you serious" and J confirmed. At the RR brief asked the guys not to plan much on their RR so that they could relax and just go with the flow ... and then they ask them to write up exactly what they are planning on doing?? BOY... are they going to be sorry they asked for one from us. I said I'd be really specific. LOL I told J he couldn't tamper it or ANYTHING... he had to turn it in as is... and I would try to be clean and nice. ROFLMBO

LOVE IT! Well, I am going to finish up here and then work out before I go to bed.
LOL!!! Hey...they asked for it! But, honestly, I would put a line in there about how it's more fun to be spontaneous!
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