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Lightbulb Conditioning Your Push-ups & Sit-ups for BCT

Upon getting ready for BCT I started doing a typical set amount of push-ups and sit-ups once a day. However I had a day that made me realize I need to do a bit more to prepare myself for BCT.

One day I did my typical sit-ups and push-ups until I was sore and couldn't do any more. And about two hours later I was called into the recruiters office to get a form finished. In doing so he decided to test me on my General Orders memorization. I wasn't able to recite it all so he told me to drop and give 5 push-ups. Being enthusiastic I droped on the spot and started to do my first push up only to realize my arms were jello... I forgot about all the work I did earlier. I gave it everything I had and was only able to pull off 4 push-ups while my arms shook like crazy in what seemed to be the ONLY busy time in the recruiter's office. I was embarrassed and unhappy with my performance.

Afterwards I started thinking that I am most likely going to have to drop for push-ups a lot during BCT, through out the day despite how sore I am going to be from drills and PT and I want to be ready for that, so I came up with this to get my body used to doing push-ups and sit-ups on demand through out the entire day. Its easy and you really do actually start to see results within the first few days.

Set a starting point each day.
Example: when you wake up, or an hour after you wake up.

Do 5 push-ups and 5 sit-ups.
Then repeat every hour on the hour till you go to bed.
Do this EVERY DAY.
That is it.

During your first couple days, you might not be able to do it every hour, that is fine. Just keep at it every day and you WILL be able to do 5 every hour on the hour.

Don't do more than 5 early in the day, remember its about conditioning your self, giving your sit-ups and push-ups endurance, not burning out to early.

If 5 is to much do 3 or 4, but remember to push your self a little bit, that will allow you to get ahead versus staying at the same level for a long time.

Once it gets easy to do 5 every hour on the hour, start adding to that number, whether it totals to 7 every hour or 15.

Pick what works best for you. Just remember to keep at it and you'll be able to drop and do push-ups any time of day during BCT. That is the goal!

NOTE: Do not replace this with your other work outs that prepare you for BCT, add this to it.

NOTE: This is what I found works for me, and is only meant as a suggestion. You know your self better than anyone, do what works best for you.

I hope this helps some people, I know it has been helping me a lot. Please post any other fitness Ideas you might have come up with to help you get ready for BCT.
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