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Originally Posted by jrj1000 View Post
I have been saying to Americans for years...."Homegrown terrorists" will become a problem for you guys just as it has been for us over the years since 2001...Its just another strain of the extremist disease...Its one of many tactics used(IEDs Suicide bombers)They know in a fair fight they are getting their arses handed to them by western armies.

They inprison these jokers.....why should American or British taxpayers pay for these people

Im with you...if I got my way they would be lined up and slotted
Once found guilty, I would say yes, but we need to qualify it by the effect on the "Mytrdom" question and also their value of an Intel asset. I would say, strip them of their citizenship, their rights under ANY laws and work them until they are broken shells with no more secrets to tell.... and then leave them in their own slop for the rest of their days, it doesnt have to cost much... a mud hut made of barbed wire will do...
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