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Originally Posted by jrj1000 View Post
I agree with the points you have made...but as you know its easier said then done...Israel have to get smarter and instead of hitting targets or suspected targets with (in my opinion) ridiculous amounts of air power use SFs units to hit targets or take out where near as much collateral damage that way

Once again I go back to Northern Ireland and look how British and Irish SFs dealt with paramilitaries

Intel should be Israels first weapon...not their Apaches or F-16s

Hearts and minds dont seem very high on Tel Avivs list

Also sooner or later Iran needs to be adressed....its the hand that feeds
Fair points bro, and I think they should restructure there military to accomodate this aim... ID, target and take down... and theres nothing like a door getting kicked in at 4am and the T getting arrested or nailed that says... bad boyz, we know you are are and we can reach you!!...
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