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Originally Posted by Soldier's Sweetheart View Post
Im new the army life.. im a gf. My bf Josh is active duty Army just left for a PCS to Korea. We met online a year ago through a friend, started dating a month ago, met him two weeks ago for four hours and as of today the 20th i had 6 days with him. I told me I am one in a million to be so willing to wait, but its what i want. I am tired of dealing with people who don't agree or who aren't supportive so please if you don't like it keep the comments to yourselves... anything else just ask me! I can be a very fun, loving, and trusting person.
I think it's funny when people say that a relationship has to work a certain way. You have to meet this way and go out this long before you make any serious decisions about it. I think thats a load of crap!! I am a perfect example that a relationship can anyway it wants to. I met my wife at a part in April of 1986. I went to NTC and was gone for 48 days. We knew each other less than 3 months and were actually only in each others presence for less than a month and a half and we got married. We will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary in August. You go girl and hang in there. Welcome to the site and I hope we can answer any questions you may have!
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