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Originally Posted by theSteve View Post
I'm planning on joining the Army after I'm done with high school(currently finishing my junior year) and I want to prepare physically for basic training. If any one has any good tips or anything please share them. I'll try to read and reply as soon as i can. thanks
Simple training regimen - run 2 miles every other day, throw a 5 miler in once every week or two, do push-ups alternating with sit-ups every time a commercial comes on TV.

Why are you going to wait until you graduate before you enlist? My suggestion is to see a Recruiter this fall or winter when they're not so busy, enlist in the delayed Entry Program, go into the Future Soldier Program to be able to enter the Army one rank higher. You have up to 365 days between signing your contract & leaving for BCT. Your BCT & AIT are reserved for you as well as any bonuses that might be in effect at signing.

Sign early to beat the rush at graduation time. There are many more options available to you then. More choices in MOSs, & more than likely more & bigger bonuses.
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