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When I was involved in Recruit Training, not as a Drill SGT but as an Instructor the recruits would have to do PUs for each letter they received but given the option of doing them or not receiving mail push-ups won every time. Don't worry - if he doesn't receive any letters there still will be plenty of opportunities of him being blessed with push-ups. The DS will find a reason.

I'd be careful with pictures, though. And instead of sending a short note everyday it's probably better to send a few in one envelope.

Push-ups shouldn't be considered as a punishment but rather as a method for strengthening the soldier. 50 isn't much. Rangers had to do 80 & if your son wants to get into anything like that he'll appreciate the PT. Just to pass the APFT he needs to do 60 if he's in the 17-21 age group, 71 to score 100% on the push-up part of the test.
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