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Smile Will my husband recieve back pay while at BCT

My husband is at Fort Jackson for bootcamp. He left April 11 and we have not yet recieved his pay. He was told that I would get his first deposit on the 15th of May. However when I looked at his "mypay" account it said that he is only getting paid for two weeks. I tried calling them and they would not talk to me becasue I was not him. Even though we have been married for 10 years and have 4 children together and the money is going into our joint account. They gave me no information. I need to know if he is getting paid for 2 weeks or the whole month becasue if not than I have to move because it will not be enough to pay my rent and other bills. I cannot wait until the 15th of May to find out either. If anyone could help me I would be so thankful.
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