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There are pro's and con's to either way you do it. Telling them before will help you make an objective decision. Your parents will argue why you shouldn't and you will rebuttal with why you should. By the end of the discussion, if you feel your points are more valid than theirs, then you know you have made the right decision.

If you tell them afterward you escape the second guessing yourself and at that point your parents will only be able to support you. Although, you may miss out on some key points they would have made in their arguement, which may have swayed your decision.

Personally, I told my parents right before I went to MEPS the second time to sign my contract. Reason being, because when I was 21 I wanted to join the Marines and they yelled and screamed until I gave in and dropped the idea. Obviously, I am older now and that tactic wouldn't have worked, I still wanted to let them know before it was "official". They yelled and screamed anyway, but after I explained my side of it, they quietted down and support me...even if they do jab at me here and there to try and get me to quit.
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