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Originally Posted by jasonm221 View Post
Well even if I had a picture I don't think he should try looking for dating on a forum. What happened to the old fashioned days when a boy and a girl met face to face. But then again, my girlfriends brother married a woman that he met over the Internet and they seem happy. But back to the point, a forum should be for discussion.
Well, yeah I don't think he shoudl either.. But if he atleast had a picture, he'd, idk seem less likely to be a 65 year old pervert with intent to find out where I live and kill my family after raping me.

Originally Posted by JBizo View Post
I like to meet my girls the old fashioned way. In my van....with candy.


I saw you try that with MissinHim.. I knew your MySpace was fake and that you're really a 65 year old pervert all along, JohnnyBoy..

Originally Posted by MSG Glenn View Post
A fine looking vehicle if I do say so!

Strawberry- Just put him on your "Ignore" list & his posts & messages won't show up.
How do I do that?
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