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Originally Posted by Cykz View Post
so your a fcking doctor now aswell
Watch your mouth little boy!

jrj never claimed to be a doctor. He's speaking from personal knowledge. I can tell you all you want to know about juvenile diabetes. My grandson has it. Two years ago I couldn't even spell it.

I can speak with great authority about sports medicine. I was & still am a coach.

I can speak with at least some authority about hot & cold injuries, dehydration, blisters, & even wounds. I was in the military for 27 years.

Ain't no way I claim to be a doctor. I just know that stuff from experience, from what I experienced first hand, & from my training (non-medical). Why shouldn't I expect other laymen to know things they have experienced?

Next time engage your brain before using your fingers to type this drivel.

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