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Originally Posted by Tacky View Post
As far as the assessment goes, nothing does matter but scoring high on the APFT. Attempting to do well on nothing but the assessment requirements is a waste of time, it's trying for the minimum and trying for the minimum ends up screwing oneself over.

I don't know how it is on your side of the Army, I've never been there .. the conventional Army is laughable to me in a lot of ways. However, in big boy land, your physical fitness is just as important as your technical and tactical knowledge. I don't want some slightly overweight, knowledgeable and experienced soldier .. I want a soldier that has pride enough in himself to excell in ALL areas .. not a half *** one.
I can see where Gunbunny is coming from.. Artillery, the tech knowledge is important for what they do, and he can get by with experienced knowledgable and not fully fit soldiers much better then stupid but fit troopers.. Tacky, I cant imagine life your side of the Army without being able to have fitness levels that dont even compare to the Regular army... Given the level one must reach, the quality of training must be top notch...

Gunbunny, funny you mention this cos in the Irish Army when I was there, the Infantry Battalions outside of the Border Batts were I was stationed had a real problem with combat ready fitness.. The Field Artillery Regiments for some reason where fitter then the Infantry Battalions... those guys were hardcore... One of my basic training instructors was F.A.R. NCO and man he was an animal!!.. Damn good soldier and I learnt allot from him...
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