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Originally Posted by MSG Glenn View Post
Could it be that some allergies are cropping up? We have a very heavy pollen count in my area. People that were never affected before are now showing signs of being allergic.

You're gonna run every day in BCT. Keep a close watch on that. You may not be able to complete basic if that keeps up & you're not able to finish a run.

Have you checked with a doctor? It might be a good idea. There's still time to take medication that'll help if the doctor prescribes it.

If it's a temporary condition you might be able to talk to your recruiter & wait a bit longer before leaving for basic training. Catch the next class or the one after it. You'll need to see a doctor so he can diagnose your problem & give you a letter to show your recruiter. You're going to want to be in the best shape possible before shipping out.
Solid advice again Glenn....
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