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Originally Posted by StrawberryShortcake View Post
He's not the type of person who does well in the military. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to go to war, see what you see, and still be able to live like a normal person. He was only in his 3rd week of BCT and he could not sleep, he'd write me chicken scratch letters at 2 a.m. He was depressed, he felt like this just wasn't for him, and that it wasn't right for him to be there, etc.

I expect him to go through all the things you described, and I'll be here supporting him the entire way (something I cannot say his family will do.)

Thanks for all the advice!

& I'm sure that your neighbor was very proud. R.I.P.
If he was behaving like that, then he made the right decision to seperate from the military. The Army is not for everyone, we all find our place in the world, and for some its in the military, for others is someplace less, it does not make that person any less a man, it just means they dont carry the warrior spirit... He will reflect on his experience, and come out the far end stronger... what he does after that does not mean he will go military again, just means he will be stronger and wiser for the experience...
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