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Originally Posted by peace_wanted View Post
Simply Question:

Sri Lankas goverment and Tamil rebels are fighting since 25 years.
Would you be present there to result ceasefire?
Or fight for ceasefire and peace?

Lot of tamils trying to get connected to high position politicians to solve this problems.
But no one is asking you.

Would the (WORLD) Army fight for peace in Sri Lanka?

Your country has some good special forces units within its police and army that have the tactical ability to decimate a well trained tamil tiger fighting force... So if your people support peace in these regions, I reccomend they provide golden intel to the military so they can task these units who can take the fight to the enemy.....
That is were you will find the road to peace!!...

The US and the west should support countries sorting out their own problems with guidance and sharing of lessons already learnt!!.. However, no nation even one as big as the US can always come running when a state shouts for "Mommy" to sort their problems out... The reliance culture is dead, so I reccomend that Carpe Diem be the new motto of those wanting to have peace and stability in their homelands.... Once you show the intiative, larger nations may then assist in tactical support....
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