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Top notch advice..By Tacky and Gunbunny..I have something to add. If I may. For me it's 300 % and beyond. Stay focused and be sharp..."The Right Attitude". Learn everything and take it all step at a time right now..Think Army! Right here Right Now. P/T training is huge...Keep it simple but work hard it helps you physically and mentally. Work on being tough..

Get your packing list duffle bag ready..Work with soldier's and do it for free..You'll learn alot hanging around the recruiters office and meeting recruits / soldier's in your area. You might even know a few..Oh, I left on Nov 6th...I remember hearing an old "Nam" song about Leaving in November. It's cool. Work on being the soldier who gets it done. Infantry Training is one of the most important and basic components of being a soldier. Stay proud Stay Army. Good luck recruit.

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