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Originally Posted by Fireball View Post
Yay!! Wow this deployment went by fast... RR was fabulous... not even expecting #4 so all is well!! LOL I ordered all the party supplies, been making banners and hoping to have t's made for the kids and I.

Top 5 best things about deployment:

1.) sending packages - 1/2 eaten... lol
2.) getting to hog all the bedding
3.) never have to compromise on the music playing in the car
4.) never had to wrestle to get the remote
5.) the extra money!

Top 5 worst things about deployment:

1.) not hearing his voice every day
2.) having to do all the weeding... although I am starting to enjoy it
3.) NO SEX
4.) having to do all the annual car registration - I HATE THAT...
5.) arguing - such a pain in the butt to do long distance! lol

What are your top 5s?
Fantsasic news Fire...thanks for the link to your blog(I would lose my socks if they were not on my feet)

Give my respect to J....all the best to you and yours
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