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Default Top fives

Originally Posted by hollisrae View Post
top 5 worst:

1.) missing the way his smell lingers in the room
2.) missing how he would come up behind me and wrap his arms around me and kiss the top of my head.
3.) NO SEX (ditto fire!!)
4.) no holding hands
5.) trying to get r&r plans made

top 5 best:

1.) when he sends one of his old shirts (and smelling it!! LOL)
2.) when you wake up to a good morning call
3.) the honeymoon when he is home on r&r
4.) the 'i love yous' for no reason
5.) the look on his face when he sees you after long months away.....
1) No limit on ragheads
2) Steak and Lobster on Wednesdays
3) All the ammo you can shoot
4) Really cool things that go BOOM!!
5) Being the baddest SOB on the block!!

1) Totally uncool things that go BOOM!!!
3) No Sex!!!!! (at least with another person)
4) Iraqi B.O. Can you say SOAP!!
5) Scorpions and Camel Spiders!!!! ( I friggin hate spiders!!!!!)
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