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Originally Posted by lilyOhio View Post
so i think i have made up my mind to enlist. i am going to wait till the end of summer to actually sign everything, give myself time to finish school and have some time off, all that good stuff. but i am debating whether to tell my parents before or after. they know i am considering it, and they are skeptical and concerned, to say the least. i promised my dad i would wait to make a decision, but i think i am going back to the recruiter after graduation in june and tell him i want to seriously start the enlistment process.

should i tell them now and have them try to convince me not to, or just do it and tell them i am a soldier once i have sworn in? i am sure they will support me no matter what i do, but i know they think i am taking the "easy way out" which i don't see as the case at all. i just need a change in my life and to feel like i am doing something with myself. if i don't join i will be one of the thousands of '09 grads moving back in with their parents and working at a gas station or something. it makes me sick to think that's where i could be in a few months.

my dad has told me he was in the same situation as me when he was out of high school but decided against it and that he hasn't regretted it. if i don't join i feel like i will always wonder what could have been and what i could have accomplished.
If you feel they would support you then I would go ahead and tell them. To me, that seems like the mature thing to do. Just state your reasons, acknowledge their concern, and let them know that although you respect their views - this is what you feel you need to do. Invite them to come watch you be sworn in... good luck!

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