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I would try to get the option 40 contract either as 11X or 68W in both of your cases. For one thing you don't get to choose which 18-series MOS you get in most cases. You also don't get to choose which language you take. Figure on over a year of training for SF with many ways to get dropped.

There is much cross-breeding between Rangers & SF. You can put in for SFAS after you've been in the 75th a while. My son went in with the thought that he would put in for SF after being in the Rangers but he liked it so much he stayed in the 3rd Batt for his whole enlistment.

Either way each of you go make double-damn sure you don't waste that Option 40 or 18X contract. Get yourself in excellent physical condition. You'll need to score 70% on the APFT for the 17-21 age group just to get into RIP & once in the 75th Ranger Regt. You have to maintain a score of 80% to stay there.

Don't let the Recruiter tell you that you can volunteer for the 75th when the Recruiters come around to OSUT or AIT. GET IT IN YOUR CONTRACT! The Ranger Recruiters won't come if they have a full RIP class. Make sure you're one of those that makes a full class. That is the only way of guaranteeing a slot in RIP. If you have to wait a few months then so be it. Don't sign a contract unless you get everything you want.
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