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Originally Posted by d-boys66 View Post
Atleast there are some other people with the same problem as I have ( tests are not my strong point unless I know what i am being tested on ). Anyways you need to show some sort of education that has taken place afetr the original test inorder to take it again. Sorry but just hang in there you will get what you want I am sure. I myself I am just waiting for my MEPS appt now. Hopefully I can go to WTC Jan 4th 2009

Thank you so much for responding. I have never been good at tests, and I already knew my Math sucked. I spent most of my High school/college years at parties. (bad choice)

I am waiting on my recruiter to write up my contract and ensure that I will get 15 Tango (there are not a lot of slots for that around here) then I will go to MEPS asap. I am really excited to join the Army. I think it will be a great experience and make me into a great person. I think I will be sent to Ft. Jackson for BCT. (thats were my cousin went, and he was 15 Tango)

Seriously, besides all the damn running, I'm really excited!

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