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Default AFQT Help

I'm not sure if I'm in the right Forum section, so thank you for taking the time to read this.

Let me tell you a little about me:

I just took my ASVAB yesterday and I am disappointed with my score. I have already talked to the recruiter and he said its no big deal. Here are my scores on everything (I know I'm an idiot, haha, but give me a break)

AFQT: 46

Standard Scored

GS - 52 AR - 44 WK - 51 PC - 60 MK - 44 EI - 56 AS - 54 MC - 50 AO - 32 VE - 55

Service Composites

GT - 99 CL - 96 CO - 99 EL - 100 FA - 98 FM - 100 MM - 103 OF - 100 SC - 99 ST - 99

I am shooting for specifically 15 Tango (UH-60 Helicopter Repairer) and I know I have to have a MM of 104 (they already said 103 will do just fine)

My Uncle (who I live with) is a former CW5 in the 160th Nightstalkers, my cousin is a LT. and my other cousin is a 15 Tango in the 160th Nightstalkers(kind of the reason I am choosing 15 Tango)

Needless to say, I have decent connections

ANYWAYS, now you know my stats and what not, I was wanting help in figuring out my AFQT compared to you other guys and gals. I know I didn't do great, but did I really do THAT BAD? I mean my Uncle (CW5) scored a 98, and my other cousin scored a 96 (they are crazy smart) they wanted me to score at least a 52 but they are still glad I did as well as I did. I was told I can't take the ASVAB again, but everyone in my family has told me otherwise. Any idea on that?

I will be leaving for basic in January.

I know I can do better on the test if I take it again.

Also, anyone a 15 Tango here? I wouldn't mind getting some feedback on your experience.

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