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Originally Posted by grubbmaui View Post
Hi MSG Glenn, I had emailed earlier and have gotten no response from anyone. You had asked if my son was doing OSUT at Ft. Benning and he is. I am getting very concerned to be able to make plane reservations for his graduation which he heard would be July 24th. Have not received any info. from his commanding officer, the packet you were talking about. We are flying from Hawaii to Utah then driving to Georgia. Is there someone to call to find out the details? This Memorial Day has made me stop and think a lot more since my son has joined and what he is fighting for. I will remember those who have given their lives for our country this Memorial Day. Jacki
What I would do is Google the Ft. Benning website, Jacki. Somewhere on that site will be links to the various units assigned there including OSUT units. Find his unit's listing & there should be a phone number you can call. There should also be a listing of OSUT graduation dates. I'm sure you'll be getting a packet. When you call his unit ask for one just in case. There will be maps, locations & times included which are very informative. I'm sure that you're aware of it but you should be there on the Thursday before graduation. That's the Turning Blue ceremony & it's a bigger deal than the OSUT graduation. Unless things have changed you'll be able to be with your soldier that evening with a report back time of 11 PM. A good time to go to a good steakhouse. If your son is going to Airborne School the buses will be waiting to take them right after graduation. You'll have about 15 minutes with him until they leave. He'll more than likely be dismissed after Airborne School check-in. Sometimes they administer the PT test when they get there & then he'll probably have Sunday off. That's if he's going to Airborne School.

That'll be quite some trip you'll be embarking on. I thought mine was bad - Milwaukee to Ft. Benning - driving for 16 hours. You're pratically on the other side of the world from Utah & from Utah is again almost on the other side of the world from Ft. Benning.
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