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It's a good thing that our Homeland Security, FBI & whoever are on the ball.

Obama was on TV yesterday yapping about the "torture" of detainees, how he wants to close down Gitmo, & sending those detainees to a maximum security prison in the Sates. After all the Bush bashing he did & how the previous administration really made us hated in the Muslim world & made us a target, he never mentioned 9/11, the fact that we haven't been attacked since, or the arrest of those home-grown terrorists the other day.

If I was king of the world I'd gladly waterboard 10,000 prisoners to get information to be able to save just one innocent life. By the way - the World Court does not consider waterboarding as torture. I think we can consider cutting someone's head off with a dull knife as the most extreme form of torture & for no other reason than execution, not even trying to get one scrap of information. Killing for the sake of killing & if there's a bunch of pain involve, oh well.

I guess some of the Islamic apologists are right - if we continue this war on terrorism they won't like us. Schit - they hate us so much, at least as of 9/11/01, that they're trying to kill us. I can't see where they can dislike us any more than that!!!
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