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Originally Posted by missinhim View Post
wow didn't know i got brought up in here till now
i am very out of shape also!

hey! that looks like my house too! so weird how we live alike

theres nothing wrong with not wearing pants! everyones doing it! lol!! and hey i still live with my mommy considering im under 18 might have a reason to that!)
It actually IS your house. After the cloroform and all the candy, you woke up delirious and hyper and wouldn't shut up. I didn't have my hatchet or hacksaw so I decided to take you home and meet the people that were able to tolerate you in hopes they could somehow help fix me. Instead, they gave me your old room.

Originally Posted by StrawberryShortcake View Post
Um, no.

I just can't run a mile in under 10 minutes.
You just haven't given it enough effort. And anyway I was only joking about the angles...

Originally Posted by jrj1000 View Post
Ive only got half of my collection left since I moved...I will give you my address and youan can Fed-Ex them to me mate(I will pay the P&P.

Ive been looking for them all over ebay...Im chuffed that Ive found them
I dunno what "chuffed" means, but I'll get those clippings right out to ya! I'll even throw in some of whats left of the scab collection. I was going to keep them for myself buuuut my conscience wouldn't allow me is in the shape of Italy, very impressive!
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