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Default Medical Training

Originally Posted by kevinbp View Post
I am shipping to basic training July 15th and right into MP school after. I was wondering how in depth the first aid training is in basic and MP school, gore and medical proceedures do not sit to well with me (have been known to pass out). So if anyone could let me know what to prepare myself for I would greatly appreciate it.
Most medical training in BCT is pretty basic. Applying tournequets(sp?), pressure bandages, treat for shock, heat and cold injuries etc.. Not a whole lot of gore connected with that! You will be tested using your battle buddy as a training dummy and all wounds will be simulated(pretend). Some BCT's will use the moulage kit,which is a makeup kit that has all kinds of gory bloody wounds that can be applied to a individual. They are very realistic but also very expensive so I would be suprised if you see it in BCT. The moulage is usually reserved for major field exercises and medic training. No matter what method is used jut keep it all in perspective and remember it aint real!! I am pretty sure that there will not be any IV training unless you are selected to attend Combat Lifesaver Course. That will happen only after you complete BCT and AIT.
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