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Originally Posted by reconmedik View Post
The bottom line is this. Once you raise your right hand the Army owns and is responsible for you! I know people who served less than 30 days in the military and they are now drawing a big fat disability check for something that they say was caused by their military service. In most cases the issue was something they had before enlistment but was missed at MEPS. Now the Government is required to care for that individual the rest of thier life. It always comes down to MONEY. As far as they are concerned you have a pre-existing condition and you will be a burden on the taxpayer. I am not saying that what they are doing is right but thanks to a few dirtbags that were not fit enough to carry my jock, now pulling the wool over the VA's eyes you have to suffer for it.
I can see why the army has a strict policy for pemcs but I don't understand why things done on the level have to be scrutinized so harshly. It took me quite a bit of effort to give the army what it wanted and what I needed. I've been pretty patient up until this point but I'm sure that hurry up and wait isn't a part of the Army core values. (even if you do a LOT of it)
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