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Originally Posted by JBizo View Post
They are being stingy right now because there are so many applicants that the Army can afford to pick and choose. Why waste time and money getting waivers for people when there are people coming through who don't need them. Its a PIA for you but don't worry. When recruiting numbers go back down they will allow waivers again and you'll be able to join.
true... but my NG recruiter spifd all relevant information to the recruiter for the reserves. Up until today I wasn't told there'd be any problems getting in. I even requested off work for two days for the overnight trip back to meps. The guy at the office told me to not worry about it and it'd be cleared up in weeks, not months. The way I understood it was the Reserves were the only component that was not reaching recruitment goals, the NG was 20000+ over the goal and active duty was over goal despite the negative press from the Iraq war... If the reserves are over quota too I might just have to fail a psyche eval and join the marines.
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