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Originally Posted by litigator66 View Post
Dear Sir/Mam,
I am 41 (42 3-28). I served in the USMCR. I have been a practicing attorney for 5 years and have contacted a National Guard recruiter about joining for JAG. I have a few questions:
1) How will attending Marin Corp basic before affect any required training such as OCS.
2) By going JAG what are chances of getting a waiver if Im not commisioned by 42.
3) I know there are med?physical exemptions for physicians, is there anything similar for JAG. I dont know that Ill need one but just in case.

Thanks. I have more but lets see how the answers to these questions go.

Marine Corps boot camp has nothing to do with Army OCS. You'll have to attend.

I don't know what your chances are of getting a waiver for commission at your age, I've never heard of it, however, the National Guard does some weird and different things and has some fairly relaxed standards so they can pull more strings than RA.

Your questions are very specific and your situation is outside of the norm so you are unlikely to find answers to them via a website. Your best bet is to talk to the NG, they'll be able to answer whatever you have simply because they have the resources available to make calls to higher bn and ask.
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