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Originally Posted by MaineArmyMom View Post
A brief hello and intro-

I am a mom of three boys and a full-time law student.

My oldest son joined the Army/National Guard this summer on a 4 active/4 reserve enlistment. His MOS is 15R and did his BCT at Fort Knox. He is currently finishing AIT at Fort Eustis and will be heading to Fort Campbell in March.

My other two sons are a junior and freshman in high school respectively.

I found this site while searching for information on AIT ceremonies and decided to join after reading some of the generally informative posts.

Thanks for having me.
Hi MaineArmyMom, welcome to the site, hope you enjoy our crazy debates, and hope to see your contris soon...

"Barrel High, Powder Dry!"

"Illic est haud effrego ex Veneratio"
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