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Originally Posted by yazzbee89 View Post
Soo my boyfriend is shipping off to Fort Leonard Wood. And I having difficulty figuring out.. what can they get in the mail?.. like are pictures ok?. o.. and do they have access to like newspapers and stuff at the PX? if not. am i allowed to send newspaper clippings?.. I would appreciate a basic break down of Do's and Don't for writing letters. Also, Do we have to wait for them to write a letter before I can figure out his address?. or how do I find out where the letters are supposed to be addressed to?
Pretty much anything you can fit in an envelope is, newspaper clippings, etc. As far as pics though, make sure it is something that you don't mind everyone else seeing....i heard from a friend who was told by her guy that another guy's gf (yeah...hard to follow..sorry!) sent him some "special pics" of herself...their sergeant made the guys post ALL pics on the doors for everyone to yeah. Be careful!

Small boxes are okay too. Just no sweets until he gets the okay from his ds (which won't be till the end of the training. I was able to send my guy brownies during his last month (he had a combined BCT and AIT in 4 months) and he ended up selling about half of them! The guys were desperate for something good and homemade--they paid a good price for a brownie square! LOL

Best of luck to you two!
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