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Originally Posted by ArmyBoots View Post
So, I spoke with jake today. He says training is back on track and they are in white phase again. Hopefully, blue phase next week. My reservations are made and we are ready for graduation!

The problem now is that Jake has been sick, almost since the beginning, with bronchitis. He passed his first PT test just fine-well enough to get his phone back. Today, he had trouble running and his final PT test is Tuesday. He did go to sick call and got 3 days of antibiotics earlier in the week and an inhaler. He is worried that he won't pass the final. Does anyone know what happens if he can't pass due to illness, not inability?

He really sounded crappy. I told him to try to rest on Sunday and go back to sick call monday and ask for a "breathing treatment," which is albuterol in a mist.

Any thoughts?

I keep praying..

Proud mom of Jake

If he can't pass final PT, he will probably be recycled into another unit....doesn't mean he'll have to start over, but usually repeat the last few weeks. They should give him at least a second chance to pass, maybe a third, but after that he'll be recycled. It all depends on so many factors... Just tell him to give it everything he's got... and we'll all keep praying for him.
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