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My husband's an 88m and will be graduating from Ft. Leonard Wood this Friday. From what I know there is no family day. AIT is very different from BCT so after training each day they are usually given an on base pass. So if you intended on seeing your soldier before graduation, it shouldn't be a problem, that is if everyone in the company behaves and doesn't get into trouble. This last weekend they were given an overnight pass. AIT is more flexible and lenient than BCT. According to my husband once they graduate they are free to leave.

I am not attending his graduation (my husband's request), but when my husband comes home this Friday I'll ask him about graduation so I can give you more detailed information. But I can almost gaurantee you it will be nothing like BCT graduation.

Here's the link, if you don't already have it, to their battalion at Ft. LW

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