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Question busted back to "red phase?"

I spoke with Jake last night. They just got back from a 3-day field exercise. He sounded tired and pissed off. Says grad is still scheduled for 29 May, but they got busted back to red phase. He dosen't know if grad will be delayed or not. Nothing has changed on the website's grad schedule, but how often does that get updated?

How the heck do you make airline reservations like that? Did anyone else hear anything about it? Has everyone made reservations? Did anyone use Victory Travel?

I was going toeither call VT on Monday, or look for a online deal.

I really cant wait. I hope jake was just tired last night. He really was cranky! He is going to call me again tomorrow. Maybe he'll be a little more "up."

Oh well. i just pray it all works out.

Very proud mom of Jake
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