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Red face halfway home!

My soldier is in 1/13 F Co. 1st Platoon "Rough Riders." Yes, the "what company" issue finally got straightend out. I was so surprised last weekend when he sent me a "text" that he got his phone back. He called later and said he passed his PT test with a 205. I guess that was good enough to earn back the cell phone! Modern times, what can I say? Anyway, he sounded so much better than his first letters indicated. He had strep throat and and ear infection his first week there, though. Why does it seem they always start out sick? Anyway, other than his knee bugging him a bit, which he refusesto have looked at, he seems fine. He says the food-get this-is great. Saysthey "feed you fat meals here."

So, I guess family day and graduation is May 28/29! I can hardly wait. Being my supertitious self, though, I may wait a week to make reservations. 've never been to the Carolina's so I may make it a mini vacation. He'll be going straight to FLW for AIT though. He's going 21E, heavy equipment operator.

I am so proud, as I'm sure all of you are also. Hope to see you there!

Mom of Jake
BCT Ft. Jackson
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