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Originally Posted by ccrazy13 View Post
I'm not sure when they get their mail. Depends on their DS, I think. Some DS's will have mail call everyday, others only a couple times a week. I actually saw someone said their DS would only give mail on Saturdays. I wouldn't spend extra money on overnights....but, when I send packages, I send them 2-day...but only because it's only an extra 25 cents or so. Just keep on sending letters, she will get them eventually.

You're so lucky to be getting calls already. My son is in week 4 (first week of white phase) and he hasn't been allowed to call once yet. He's in D-Co. 1-13, 4th platoon (undertakers), but "klovato" whose son is 3rd platoon has gotten calls. Between calls and's all up to their DS, and the behavior of others in their platoon. My son talks about the jack-a**es in his platoon in every letter.... therefore, no calls.
My husband is graduating BCT at ft jackson in less than two weeks. B comp 3/13 He to has lost priviliges due to people acting up. so im not suprised to hear that you havent gotten a call, at the same time i am sorry that your dealing with it four weeks without a call feels like an eternity! i had to go through it as well, and sometimes they even held their mail for a few days because of it. once he didnt get a letter from me for almost 2 weeks and i was sending one everyday. All he talked about the first few weeks was how other people there had been making life miserable. other peopl i know that have completed BCT say its all part of it, if there is or isnt someone acting up they will find a reason to do the same things to them. its all a learning experience.
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