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Default enlisting: awkward situtation

i havent realy been able to find anything on my situation i have talked to a recruiter and they didnt know to much so im hopeing i can find some info on here. im basicaly wanting to know if i can still join the military/army, im 28yrs old with no high school deploma or ged due to bad family situation when i was younger, i have no criminal past or anything just a bad parent and i ended up moving out on my own, I had kids early in life and now have 5 kids under the age of 10 and i have been in a relationship for almost 9 years but we are not married. Our situation in life is not that great living from pay check to pay check and in an apartment and i wanted to do something great with my life and better my family so i have been looking in to the military mainly the army its something i have wanted to do for a while now, i have had cousins that joined the military and past family members and i just feel its what i need to do in my life. id want to become a commissioned officer if id did persue a career in the military. So with my current situation would i still be able to persue a career in the military/army or what would i still have to do to be able to do so? is it to late for me? if its to late for officer training/schooling what would i be eligible for ?

thanks for your info
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