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Originally Posted by MSG Glenn View Post
It's a good thing that our Homeland Security, FBI & whoever are on the ball.

Obama was on TV yesterday yapping about the "torture" of detainees, how he wants to close down Gitmo, & sending those detainees to a maximum security prison in the Sates. After all the Bush bashing he did & how the previous administration really made us hated in the Muslim world & made us a target, he never mentioned 9/11, the fact that we haven't been attacked since, or the arrest of those home-grown terrorists the other day.

If I was king of the world I'd gladly waterboard 10,000 prisoners to get information to be able to save just one innocent life. By the way - the World Court does not consider waterboarding as torture. I think we can consider cutting someone's head off with a dull knife as the most extreme form of torture & for no other reason than execution, not even trying to get one scrap of information. Killing for the sake of killing & if there's a bunch of pain involve, oh well.

I guess some of the Islamic apologists are right - if we continue this war on terrorism they won't like us. Schit - they hate us so much, at least as of 9/11/01, that they're trying to kill us. I can't see where they can dislike us any more than that!!!
The ROE have changed havent they MSG....we cant apply yesterdays standards to today....the Tangos are not playing ball and its time to get passed this PC bollocks and get real.This war would have been over by 2004 if we weren't so caught up in our own bureaucracy.

9/11 was the time when it changed....we didnt start the fire...How can you as Americans and us as Brits be anymore hated by these people then we already are...They brought the war to our cities and killed our Women and children.I consider myself a reasonable person MSG...but if someone wants a fight they can have it.. and I will skip to the gates of hell happy in the knowledge Ive done what I think is right.

The older I get the more I feel Muslims cant be trusted(Sorry if that offends anyone)Opinions are formed through experience and the more experience through life I get....the more I feel Im right on that matter

Take these four So called Americans in NY and the so called Brits that carried out 7/7....our countries gave these people the best chance of living their life free of oppression and a chance to become happy successful and the best people they could be....What was the repayment Glenn?

These scumbags feel they have been hurt along with their Muslim brothers thousands of miles away...they are not messing around so neither should we.

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