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Originally Posted by Dustin View Post
Hey. I'm still pretty new to the forums. I'm seriously thinking about joining the army and if I join, I want to go to basic within a month or 2. I don't want to wait. I made a topic about wanting to join and someone is actually helping me out a lot with recruiting and getting in contact with a recruiter. I know I'm taking far steps by making this thread-- I mean, it's all still so far away. What would be the chances I could get deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan? Is there any reason they don't send people? How long do people serve over there? I see tours of 12-15 months or I think I've read that on here anyway. I actually want to go. I want to say I did something later in life or I made a difference. It's kind of selfish, I know. I can't quite explain it. I'm looking into active for at least 2 years, so I should have a good shot at getting deployed, right?

If you want to be deployed then make sure that your unit (when you complet BCT and AIT) know you want to go. Even if they are not slated to go than can task you to another unit that is as long as the deploying unit needs your MOS.

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