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I'm glad you all enjoyed the post & thanks to my veteran USAF retired brother-in-law for emailing that to me.

As you notice it was also a kind of tongue-in-check commentary on our president & his world apology tour. According to him we're the baddest( SHAME on us), most arrogant (A thousand apologies), selfish (It's terrible we're so spoiled), richest (I'm sorry) , nation that ever insinuated itself in the world. Mr. Obama is truly sorry that we sent our troops to Europe in the First & Second World Wars. I we hadn't have done that we'd still be a 3rd-rate nation. The fact that you'd all be speaking Deutsch is totally immaterial, besides soldiers are a lowly, filthy lot.

Now he'll have to make a tour of the Orient & apologise to them for our audacity to assume a combat leadership role in trying to destroy our Japanese brothers. How dare us use atomic devices to destroy two cities. Just because it brought an end to the war & saved millions of lives on both sides doesn't matter in the least to his like even the fact that it was a democrat president who initiated the atomic attack.

If my nation survives the next 4 years then I think we're tougher than most thought. Oh we'll still be a nation but it will be fouled up beyond all recognition (FUBAR) Use the "F" any way you want to.
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