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Welcome to the Forums

Well the way i see it is dont go for diets....99% of the time they dont work not long term anyway.

Diet"suggests losing the weight until you meet your goal and crash dieting is rubbish.Most of the time people just pile it back on sister did it..she lost the weight she wanted to then stopped...she ended up putting more back on after she had finished the diet its about changing what you eat...and how you eat and then sustain it.....what i would do is....

Eat proteins....(ie have them fried though)
proteins should be the largest intake

Proteins build muscle which is a fat burner in itself....the more muscle you have the better your body burns fat have to eat them even if its only a few on the side of the plate.
They have massive amounts of vitamins and minerals.....key for staying healthy.....dont over cook them try to eat them when they still have a crunch to them..if you over-cook them you tent to lose most of the goodness

Now to carbohydrates....this is the tricky need to find a balance too many are bad....and too few can be just as bad....for any weight-loss plan....exercise is key...and to exercise well you need carbs....but remember certain carbs are stored as fat and the body takes longer to burn them that means more sweating so dont take in to many
Fats....the body needs 90 grams of fat a day......but stay away from saturated fats

The issue of so called junk food Maccy Ds crisps/chips its an easy one....everything in moderation... if you stave yourself of these foods thats when cravings kick in and the mind makes them more important then they if you have pizza...have 3 slices not 12

Remember with exercise...dont over do it...listen to your body it will always tell you when enough is enough and any over exertion can be damaging in the long run and can set you back weeks.

You need to do cardiovascular training....if you cant manage a run then just walk a few miles until you build up your fitness levels then you csn progress to a good jog and then you will be running...remember to reach you goals it takes a process and Rome wasnt built in a day....if on anyday you do not feel motivated remember(a little exercise is better then none)So just try and do something even if its just walking around the lose weight and get fit you will have to sweat...thats the only way you can do it...there are no shortcuts Im afraid to say.

Once again...welcome to the forums and good luck to you!!!

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